Smartphone Cases Made From Wood

There are fundamentally four types of custom iPhone cases on the market today. All provide essential protection for your expensive smartphone. Each case style is intended to allow full functionality and access to the house and all the ports, but each category differs in look, level, and material of protection.

Rugged Cases-These iPhone 4 cases are intended to protect the phone from serious use, or, as some would say, abuse. These are often bulky and maybe hard to get on and off. However, they offer extreme shock protection and are excellent at keeping out dust and dirt. Some newer cases even pretend to be watertight, with commercials showing people rinsing off their phone under the faucet. This is the best choice if you frequently drop your phone or often knock it off desks or counter. A rugged case would be a great choice if you use your phone in a harsh environment like a construction site or at the beach.

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